Swa Raj

Swa Raj

Swa Raj has done his Bachelors in technology, Electronics, and Telecommunications having specialization in mobile communication. He is proven professional in the field of telecom with 18 years of rich experience and worked in Indian and international mobile operators like Idea, Airtel, and Telenor.

Swa Raj Picture
Swa Raj Picture

He is an enthusiast of Educational Neuroscience, also called Mind Brain education, an emerging scientific field & deeply involved with Cognitive Training of children, youth, and adults. His interest in Educational Neuroscience leads him to connect with Brighter Minds cognitive training program, he has trained more than 1000+ children from across the strata in the last 5 years.  He has been a speaker and presenter in various forums across the country on the topics of the importance of cognitive skills in children and on understanding brain science.

He believes that this offering through Brighter minds (benefitted more than 40,000 kids across 13 countries in last five years), will be a lifetime gift to all children and become a global transformer for children.

As a certified Heartfulness and Meditation facilitator, Saw Raj has visited various corporate establishments to introduce Heartfulness meditation and its benefits to the employees.

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