Observation Cognitive Reserve WorkBook

Cognitive Reserve: Preparing Tomorrow’s Brain, Today

Young Couple Cognitive Reserve

Age-related impairments in reasoning, memory, and processing speed can arise in people during adulthood and progress into the elders. As we get older, our cognitive abilities eventually deteriorate.

Cognitive decline in a certain amount is a normal part of aging. Some people will experience a severe deterioration in cognitive skills. This can make it impossible for them to cope with ordinary day-to-day tasks. Different People observe the different degrees to which their brains and the rest of their bodies decline with age.

This significant decline in cognitive functioning considerably varies depending on genetic influence, early environment, education, and social class in adulthood. Like our body, the brain too changes with each passing year. From the time when we were infants, our brains are adapting, learning, making memories, and much more. We become smarter and sharper by earning the wisdom that truly only comes with life experience.

The Concept of Cognitive Reserve

The less desirable effects of the passage of time can certainly be felt. Losing a set of keys or a to-do that never seems to stay on top of the mind are some examples. How do we identify and access information from the limitless storehouse that is our Brain? The concept of the Cognitive Reserve holds out the promise of interventions that could Slow Cognitive Ageing.

Some of the researches are demonstrating that multimodal training significantly improves learning. It effectively promotes skill learning across multiple cognitive domains, covering executive functions, working memory, planning and problem-solving. Managing blood pressure, hypertension, and physical exercise is good for us. Cognitive training won’t hurt you, and it looks like it may help.

Observation Cognitive Reserve WorkBook

You can increase your memory capacity with training and increase your brain’s vascular health with exercise. There are You can also sculpt your cognitive future a little through diet, exercise, and mentally challenging activities. It would be best if you stayed stimulated, but you cannot completely change your speed of aging despite doing all these things but certainly slow it down for sure. Certain activities can help your brain stay as sharp as possible. 

The Cognitive Training Program is designed to give you the tools to harness your cognitive potential. It is a 30-day activity-led exploration of exercise, nutrition, sleep, novelty, challenge, creativity and empathy designed for those who want to stay young at heart, in thought, ability and action. 

  • You need A Laptop / Tab
  • You need a Broadband Internet Connection
  • You need an Android Mobile for Restart Signature Music
  • You need a 2 Channel Speaker to listen to Signature Music
  • Brighter Minds Restart Kit ( Learning Centre will dispatch to you post Registration)


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