Mental Fatigue: 5 Basic Facts to Slow Cognitive Decline

What is Mental Fatigue

Background and Mental Fatigue Meaning:

Fatigue, best defined as the difficulty in initiating or sustaining voluntary activities, is a common symptom of various illnesses and can even be observed in healthy individuals. Acute fatigue is a normal phenomenon that disappears after a period of rest.

In contrast, long-term fatigue (chronic fatigue) is sometimes irreversible, and the compensation mechanisms that are useful in reducing acute fatigue are no longer effective.

Chronic fatigue is caused by the prolonged accumulation of acute fatigue. Thus, in order to avoid chronic fatigue, it is important to develop effective strategies to recover from and avoid the accumulation of acute fatigue.

Fatigue is classified into physical and mental types. Physical fatigue, also known as peripheral fatigue, results from repeated muscle actions. In contrast, mental fatigue represents a failure to complete mental tasks that require self-motivation and internal cues in the absence of demonstrable cognitive failure or motor weakness. Thus, mental fatigue decreases sufferers’ work or study efficiency in daily life.

“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration, and resentment.” – Dale Carnegie

What is Mental Fatigue?

Commonly, mental fatigue is a mind condition post-doing activities that take a lot of mental energy. You may feel mental fatigue if you are stressed for a long time. It is for a short duration but results in an inability to pay attention or focus on a task. This can happen to anyone.

Mental Fatigue symptoms

It can make you feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained and make your responsibilities and problems seem impossible to overcome. Feelings of detachment and apathy can wreak havoc on all aspects of your personal and work life.
Below we are covering what does a mental fatigue feel like

Mental Fatigue can create stress which can further bring many more mental aspects to its whirlpool.

Above stress may cause feelings of anxiety. pending deliveries in the office, workplace overload, or family issues and emotional burden may add up into it.

Mental fatigue Symptoms

A person might feel beat in case if he or she is under a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. This situation should not be taken lightly and help from experts should be taken immediately.

if you are constantly worried abut a situation in your life, whether work or family related, it may result in the inability to sleep. A lack of sleep will make you disengaged in your day time work.

Researchers suggest that sleep impacts learning and memory both. A sleep-deprived person can not focus optimally hence can not learn. and sleep has a very important role during the consolidation of memory during the night which will impact our new learnings.

Emotional Sensitivity:
It is commonly observed that when individuals are under stress, their ability to recognize their as well as peers’ emotions becomes weak. Cumulatively it impacts one’s ability to respond a family or work environment.

Appetite Changes:
To brain to function optimally it is importatnt that we are not stressed and taking food regularly. Mostly it is observed that under stress we tend to forget to eat or cook even. In these scenerio either we skip the meal or order unhelathy food which is not good for brain health and this results in irregular eating habits.

Under mental fatigue a person may turn to substance or activities that may bring calmness for short duration of time. Repated or unhelathy increase in alcohol or drugs may impair or negaitively impacts one’s life.

Mental Fatigue Test
Depression and Addiction situation should not be taken lightly and help from experts should be taken immediately.

Mental Fatigue Test:

If you are feeling above mentioned emotions then it is important for you to take action. For Mental fatigue treatment it is important for you to consult your doctor or experts about possible medical cause. There are various online Mental fatigue test in pshycology to indicate your mental burnout status.

How to overcome mental fatigue:

During recent online interaction with employees of a reputed company, it was a common question that how to overcome mental fatigue and specially during these pandemic time when our personal and professional life is mixed dueto work from home.

Be Real:
before retiring to bed please make simple to-do list keep all-important deliveries of tomorrow but ensure it is short and realistic. A clear and specific task list will ensure that there will be a greater chance to make it happen. if possible make a list of things that will make you happy and then focus on how to make those things happen.

How to overcome Mental Fatigue

Stay Organised:
it is quite common to receive surprises-both at personal as well as professional front but accept them as gifts and keep some marginal time for them. Physical, as well as mental space, requires tiding up from time to time. if you remove Nonessentials things from your sight it helps to focus. Organizing your desk before leaving the office, cleaning utensils as soon as you finish your meal, and making your bed after waking up will save you from overwhelming.

Mental Fatigue Treatment

Take frequent Break:
During a working day taking a break after 40 minutes of sitting is a good idea. Physical moments after every 90 minutes. Tea break after 3 hours and a social catch up with office colleagues will give you much needed support. Similarly planning and spending your weekend for physical and mental rejuvenation is very important. similarly making a short trip to any nearby place every month is a good idea.

Meditation is time tested practice recommended by all religions and spiritual traditions. in the last few decades, the scientific exploration of the effects of meditation on health and well being is increasing. There are many systems of meditation today and they differ from one another mainly in process, the object and the goals that they offer.

How Do i Stop mental Fatigue
Heartfulness Meditation

Trying any scientifically backed mediation like Heartfulness meditation is good idea. Meditation is known for its impact on focus and memory. it also helps to stay organised. every day 30 minutes of meditation can alter your life in unprecedented way.

Self Compassion:
Identifying one owns emotions is very critical aspect of emotional intelligence. creating a peacefull physical and mental environment is our primary responibility to lead a healthy life. Dedicating sufficient time for physical and mental rejuvenation is very critical aspect of life.

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